Breaking the Silence

Lately I’ve had so much on my mind that I have been avoiding music. Even in my car, the place I always listen to music, it just feels overwhelming, so I’ve been driving in silence to have some time to think.

Then yesterday, on campus, I heard birds singing and it made me think about how profound song is. All art really, but music is so beautiful, and in a way, more instinctual than other forms of art. I mean, birds sing, but I’ve never heard of a dolphin picking up a pen in it’s hands and composing a novel, or a hippo fingerpainting an impressionistic masterpiece.

Music is so beautiful and instantly, intrinsically moving.

And tonight I was reminded of how essential music is. I hadn’t been to a concert in a while, but I happened to notice that one of my favorite bands, Girlyman, was playing in Alexandria, so I went to see them tonight.
They were amazing. Apparently Doris, one of the amazing vocalists, was diagnosed with Leukemia recently, and the band almost fell apart. While she was sick, another band member, Nate, wrote a song about isolation, that gave Doris strength when she was alone in the hospital while the rest of the band was touring. (she’s made a miraculous, almost complete recovery since).

She sang the song, “Supernova.” It was such a beautiful experience to hear the song for the first time, right after hearing her amazing story. I haven’t been moved like that by anything in a long time.

Another standout was the song “This is Me,” from their album “Little Star.” I listened to this album a lot when I was writing a story about a girl who found herself struggling to make a similar proclomation. The song brought me right back to that feeling, the feeling of making those simple words into something powerful and profound. “This is me,” everything good and bad, the brilliance and the shit, that’s just what I am. It’s so blunt and honest.

Needless to say, I will be filling my computer, my phone, and my car with lots of music this weekend (Girlyman and other).

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