I Live Under A Rock

So apparently I don’t follow any media that covers football. Yes, it turns out that’s possible. There are no adds or updates on football in the books that I read, on the websites I frequent (NYT Books, MSNBC tech & Science, a heck of a lot of submishmash, IGN and Gamespot, skateboarding sites, music on YouTube. Even when I read newspapers I don’t click on the sports tab.

I saw a movie preview last week that said: “Opening Super Bowl Weekend!” And then I realized to what a large extent the rock that I live under blocks out the sun and the rest of the outside world. After seeing the trailer I thought:

1) When the hell is the Super Bowl?

2) Since when did the Super Bowl become a standard measure of time?

3) What about me and the other 14 Americans who don’t follow football? Without even knowing how or when to set our clocks to Standard Football Time we are going to miss a lot of movies, and probably gallery openings, author readings, musicals, Project Runway and Glee episodes, and all of the other things that don’t cross over with football in the center of the Venn Diagram of Life.

Thank God the sun came up today. I didn’t set my alarm clock since it’s a Sunday, and I haven’t converted it to football time yet.

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