The Sound of Spring

Again, I’ve found myself in a musical drought. I usually enjoy music the most when I’m singing along in my car, but lately I’ve been using that time to listen to audio books. I just finished Paper Towns, by John Green. The book was amazing so it’s hard to say it took away my valuable time, but today after I finished the book, I popped in Dear Science and realized how music deprived I actually was.

The beats were so amazing, so alive! Drving to “Halfway Home” on a warm spring evening got me thinking about some of my favorite warm weather music, such as Modest Mouse’s We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, The Flaming Lips’ At War With the Mystics, The Hazards of Love, by the Decemberists, and even a little good old fashioned screaming by Bullet for My Valentine. When the world heats up, so does my pulse and my taste for folk turns to rock.

These are all albums I listened to in the summers of the past 3 or 4 years. They remind me very strongly of specific people and places. Cruising around Harrisonburg with college friends blaring Modest Mouse, driving out into the wild mountains to the epic ballad of the Hazards of Love.

I’ve got the beat going and I’m ready for the warm rays through the windshield, but I’m also looking to make some new memories so let me know what you’re loving to listen to or what reminds you of warm weather.