It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. That’s how 99% of blog posts begin, eh? Well, there was school and the mentorship and life and a whole lot of me not blogging. But I’ve had a lot more free time this summer to think and breathe and live and write.Photo: My new ride, Pandora's Shadow. #walkingisforchumps

I got a bike about a month ago and have been having a lot of fun riding it along the river trails through the mud and forest. Today as I was riding, a poem started forming in my head. I haven’t written a poem in years, I think partly because I was surrounded by so many amazing poets at George Mason. They were writing brilliant poems and I was just a novice novelist.

But because so much of the world IS poetry, I had to stop along the river and capture something of the moment. So I tapped the screen of my phone, creating virtual words-magical! It felt so good to let the poem out! Writing a novel is so tedious and I’m sure revising and editing good poetry is tedious too, but letting a single train of thought out of my head as a thing in itself is such a breath of fresh air!

I tried to give it the very clever title, “Poem,” but my phone autocorrected it to “Pie,” so here is Pie,:



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