Happy Canada Day!


Canada is a great place to live. It’s a lot like the US in many ways, but it has its differences too.

In some ways Canada is like a younger US. The population is much smaller so immigrants are still flooding into Canada at a rapid pace. Whereas, in America (legal) immigration has come to a halt, relatively speaking. Sure there are still people coming in from around the world, but unless they are refugees or are filthy rich, they have to fight incredibly hard to stay.

While the US is turning people away, Canada is saying: Come here! And I’m one of the many that came when Canada called. I moved to Canada just over a year ago. When I think of what Canada means to me, the words welcoming and stable come to mind. For many reasons my life in the US was unstable, to the point where I couldn’t imagine my future, and that was terrifying.

I didn’t know what laws would come and go that would affect my family, and I was tens of thousands of dollars in debt thanks to a degree that had landed me several part time jobs, mostly being a servant for people with more money than me in the restaurant industry (English Majors rejoice!).

I never, ever found a full time job in the US in the four years after I graduated from college. And I guess I would have found one eventually, but I really can’t say for sure. I could have made coffee and served rich people and taught 1 class at a community college until I retired at 95 death.

Then I moved to Canada and 3 months later, found an actual writing job, the thing I actually went to school for and racked up all that debt for.

My life has fallen into place in Canada in the way that I always imagined, but couldn’t see as a reality in the US. There’s nothing wrong with the American Way, well maybe some things…but I feel like coming to Canada was the real beginning of my adult life, when I started feeling stable enough in the present to begin to see my future for the first time in my life.

Thanks for that Canada.

Best regards,

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