Super Moon

I’ve been meaning to read Italo Calvino for a while now. I’ve heard amazing things about Invisible Cities, but just hadn’t gotten around to reading it yet. Then last week I started reading about his collection of stories/novel Cosmicomics, in which every story is based on a supposition about the world.

The first story, “The Distance of the Moon,” takes place in a time at the beginning of Earth’s history when the moon was much closer to the Earth. It was so close to the earth that it rested just above the sea and its gravity actually pulled sea creatures out of the water, leaving them suspended in the air between the ocean and the moon. The moon is also described as being covered in scales that protect the moon’s milk which people collect by climbing ladders from their boats to the moon’s surface.

With last week’s super moon still fresh in my mind, I had to read the story right away so I went straight to the library, got the book and jumped right in. The descriptions were so vivid and evocative, really just the kind of writing that stirs up my imagination and sets it wild. I can’t wait to read the rest of the stories!

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